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AlphaCAM V5 - Now Shipping

After a full 12 month development cycle - AlphaCAM V5 is shipping

The latest incarnation of AlphaCAM, the premier CAD/CAM solution for Windows is our most exciting release to date. With extensive developments supporting all our major market sectors - wood, metal & marble. Literally hundreds of minor improvements.


User Interface Enhancements

  • An extensive re-work of the user interface, reflecting the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2003™
  • Auto hide project manager tabs
  • User defined viewport manager
  • Fully rendered isometric views - surfaces, tools, clamps, fixtures
  • Floating / auto-side, docking viewports and project manager tabs

Support for Solids

  • Support for Parasolid files using the embedded Parasolid kernel
  • Machining of the solid model
  • Comprehensive feature recognition allowing rapid identification & machining of 2D / 2.5D features on a 3D model
  • Auto-Z machining, auto hole finding in any orientation
  • Automatic & Semi-Automatic contour finding
  • commands for automatic part orientation

Constrained Parametric Sketching

  • Created full constrained 2D geometries in any workplane
  • Support for user defined parameters
  • Simply open a drawing change the parameters, and automatically machine using machining styles

Other Improvements

  • Improvements to nesting including a highly optimised single part solver
  • Support for native import of Unigraphics and Solidedge files
  • Extensive support for Marble & Stone cutting with support for taper tools & 5 axis disk cutting
  • Enhancements to the AlphaCAM API for solid manipulation and automating the constraint manager
  • Residual Auto-Z machining - detects residual material
  • Enhancements to workplane selection
  • Auto-Z hole drilling - Import model, find all holes, drill all holes - all in seconds
  • Tool axis conversion strategies for 5 Axis machining

AlphaCAM V5 is shipping to all UK customers currently on maintenance, and will ship through our network of world-wide partners.

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