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Alphacam V6 Feature Listing

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Alphacam V6, the latest release of Licom’s high capability programming system, provides enhanced support for ‘one-hit’ machining operations, as well as faster and more intuitive CNC programming.

The provision of combined milling and turning operations within an integrated programming package is a key addition to Alphacam V6, which builds on the established capabilities of previous releases.

Alphacam V6 also incorporates many new features to provide users with increased flexibility, improved productivity and enhanced quality. In order to optimise their utilisation, the Alphacam product range has been restructured to include the widest spread of new developments, features and capabilities. The accompanying table indicates the availability of specific features in new and existing product packages.

Our ongoing programme of development and enhancement ensures that Alphacam not only continues to meet the needs of users throughout metal working industries, but also enables them to maximise the return on their CAM investment

Alphacam Product Configurable
Geometric Parametrics VBA Automation Feature
alphamachinist Advanced
Creation & Application
Solid/Surface Strategies Z Roughing, Parallel Cuts
alphamachinist Pro
Creation & Application
Solid/Surface Strategies 3D 3-Axis Multiple Machining
alphamachinist 5 Axis Pro
Creation & Application
Solid/Surface Strategies 3D 5-Axis Multiple Machining
alphaprofile Advanced
Creation & Application
5-Axis Positional
alphaprofile 5 Axis
Creation & Application
5-Axis Simultaneous

Support for 5-axis Mill Turn machining

A key feature of Alphacam V6 is the introduction of full 5-axis mill turn functionality within the alphamachinist 5-axis Pro module. Combining the proven strengths of Alphacam’s advanced lathe and 5-axis mill applications, this module now provides enhanced support for 'one-hit' machining on all popular mill turn machines. The module also includes Alphacam’s latest feature recognition and quick shading tools.


Available with all modules:

Configuring ToolbarsUpdated Graphical User Interface

An updated Graphical User Interface (GUI) modelled on Windows XPTM is incorporated into all alphamachinist modules, providing a new, Windows-compliant look and feel to the working environment. Users have total control over their screen layout, with all-new, multiple view ports, configurable schemes and views - and even auto hide viewing widows and tabs. All in all, a fresh looking, practical and productive interface with attractive appeal.

Further key features include [...]

Easy Viewing of 3D ToolpathsBenefits:

Available with Advanced modules and above:

Constrained Parametric Sketching Constrained Parametric Sketching (CPS)

alphamachinist Pro modules incorporate an updated D-Cubed Design Constraint Manager, which allows full control of sketching to be exercised when elements within the sketch are modified. Element lengths and distances can be driven by parameters and the sketch re-solved instantly. This is an excellent, high productivity tool for manufacturers producing families of parts with small dimensional changes.

Machining Styles

Machining Styles is a methodology that enables company-specific or regularly employed machining strategies to be stored independently of a drawing. The required machining style is easily retrieved from the user library and applied to geometries in any drawing. In Alphacam V6, different machining options can be stored within a style and then assigned to work only on geometry in a specific user layer name, if required.

Example: A machining style could include all the tapping drills, taps, countersinks and counter bores held in the machine, with machining operations assigned only to specific layer names. When the machining style is applied to a drawing, Alphacam will identify all relevant holes and automatically produce the required machining code in seconds.


Displaying Jigs and Fixtures'Apply Constraints' Functionality

The range of constraints that can be applied in Alphacam V6 has been extended to include:


Updated General Features

Key updated features include [...]


Easy To Manage Operation List Constrained Pert with Constraints Menu Constrained Part with Edit Variables

Available in all alphaMACHINIST Pro modules:

Updated Feature Recognition and Solid Model Support

alphamachinist’s support of Solid Machining provides a major step forward, by delivering close compatibility between the original model and the machined part. This is achieved by machining directly on to the component model. alphamachinist incorporates advanced routines that extract precise geometry data, then assign information to those geometries in the form of attributes. These can be applied in any planar direction to support multi-axis setup machining. Accuracy is assured by the use of machining data generated at source.

Once the required information has been extracted, auto-Z machining operations are used to apply the toolpath. These can be created automatically from the system’s user-configurable machining style library – providing substantial time savings as well as improved accuracy. In addition, a comprehensive suite of 3D machining strategies can be applied to the solid model from any planar orientation.

Key features include [...]


Available with alphaMACHINIST 5 Axis Pro:


VBA Post Processor Support

Alphacam V6 supports both the standard type posts and now VBA posts.

Windows XPTM Compatible

Alphacam V6 has been restructured to suit the security criteria dictated by Windows XPTM.

New Solid Simulation Features